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Microsoft Excel Training Courses Sydney

Excel Courses Sydney

Excel Courses Sydney provides the following :
Our Excel courses Sydney are customised to suit your staff's needs. Trainers are experienced and are easily able to customise your Excel Course - at VERY affordable prices. To pay expensive classroom prices when we can attend your worksite to provide the VERY same training course at a fraction of the cost will make you a star in your manager's eyes..
Your Excel training course may include:
  • Intro to Advanced courses
  • Basic through to advanced formulas
  • Basic though to advanced functions
  • Spreadsheet formatting
  • Charts
  • Sorting, filtering and managing large workbooks all called data management
  • All you need to know about printing worksheets
  • Security at worksheet and workbook level
  • Pivot tables
  • The advanced features of Excel
  • Introduction to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - macros
  • And lots more ...
  • Any training your require for your busy business stting is available. We have the course for YOU!

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More course information Please contact us via the email below and we will send course outlines and prices to you. Your phone number would be appreciated so that we can call you to discuss your individual needs.

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Our training courses are relevant, flexible and fun!

Our trainers enjoy interactively demonstrating how to use Excel effectively and have years of experience. Our Excel trainers are able to customise an Excel 2007/ Excel 2010/ Excel 2013/ Excel 2016 / 365 course for you or your organisation. Plus we deliver at your Sydney worksite. All we need is a board/meeting room and a large TV or projector from you. Because YOU are providing the training room we are able to charge for the trainer only - far less than if you had to book tem all into a public course. You can save hundreds of dollars!

You can have 1 to 8 peoplein the course all for the same price as 1 person. Simple but true. Why not email for a no-obligation chat/quote and join other well known businesses who are using Sydney Excel Course training (Top Ideas) to provide their ongoing training. CLICK HERE to see a list of the businesses...

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YOU choose the dates!

That's right!. As we do not use public classrooms, you do not need to wait for their availability. Therefore, you can book your own dates and times and we will come to you. Sydney's high all day parking fees are now not a consideration: you do not have to leave your workplace at all.

A meeting room or boardroom is needed for the training session. Your own computers/laptops are used in the training meaning your staff learn on the same version of Excel as they always use and with the equipment they are used to. If you were to attend a public course you would be bound to their version of Excel and the vagaries of their equipment.

It's simple.

With your group of 8 or less, your staff will no longer need to:

  • paying expensive parking fees even if they can find parking
  • travel to a training facility
  • negotiate the weather and the traffic
  • meet the huge expense of classroom Excel courses

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Please contact Excel Course Sydney to learn how else we can save you time and money.

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Become more confident with one of the world’s most popular spreadsheet applications. Learn how to manage large spreadsheets, manipulate data, create create charts, write macros, create tables and format them, write simple to advanced formulas and functions. Printing made easy - everything you need to know.

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